Ufone Block Service (U-Block)

Ufone Call/SMS/Number Block Service

Often some numbers keep on disturbing us by calls and SMS. Now the Ufone provides its customers the service to block the incoming calls or SMS from unwanted number. So you can have control over the calls and SMS you receive. You can block all the numbers that disturb you. Just you will have to send the number to 420 which you want to block. By doing so, you will not receive any call or SMS from that number.

How to Subscribe/Activate Ufone Block Service:

To activate the U-Block service, create a new message.
Write: “sub” and send to 420.

(You will receive confirmation message and U-Block service will be activated).

How to Block a Number in Ufone:

When you have successfully activated U-Block service, You can block the number you want.

Go to Write a new message option in your mobile phone.
Write “block<space><Number>” and send it to 420.

(Example: “block 03334567890” to 420).

How to Unblock a Number in Ufone:

To unblock number, Write “unblock<space><number>” and send to 420.

(Example: “unblock 03335467890” to 420).

How to Check Ufone Blacklist:

To get the list of the numbers you have blocked,

Go to Write new message option of your mobile phone,
Write: “list” and send this to 420.

Ufone Block Service Charges:

Activation/Subscription Charges: Rs. 3.75 + tax / week.

Charges of SMS to 420: Every SMS you send to 420 will be charged Rs. 1 + tax.

How to Unsubscribe/Deactivate Ufone Block Service:

If you want to unsubscribe or deactivate Ufone number blocking serivce,

Go to Write a New Message,
Write “unsub” and send it to 420.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Both calls and SMS are blocked when you block a number.
  • Only 20 Ufone numbers & 20 numbers of other networks can be blocked.
  • To add more numbers, first unblock any number and then block other.
  • Ufone number blocking service will not be available during festive events such as EID, 14th August etc.
  • If you unsubscribe, your blacklist will be removed.
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  1. ........ on said:

    What is this nonsence ? I haven’t used this service but it is deducting my balance each week….and it is even not unsubscribed.

  2. sms block karne kai liyea saare jatan kar magar sms baddastoor ate rahte hai. mene ufon ki branch me ja kar 2 dafa complain ki magar result 0 ke alawa kuch nahi. yeh pakistan me Ufon ki service ka hall hai. Sara damagh aur paisa advertisement me laga dete hai ufon walo zara dosri services ke barai me bhe socho. Teri mehar bani

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