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Telenor Sim Lagao Offer 2015

13 January 2015


Telenor Talkshawk presents an interesting offer for the inactive users in 2015. Now inactive customers can avail free minutes, SMS and mobile internet for 15 days on re-inserting their Telenor Talkshawk Sims into their mobile phones. The Telenor Talkshawk prepaid users who have not used their Telenor Talkshawk Sim since 1st December, 2014 can enjoy the new Telenor Talkshawk Sim Lagao Offer in which they will enjoy the following:

  • 3000 Free Minutes
  • 3000 Free SMS
  • 3000 MB 3G/2G Internet

Moreover, the user who have subscribed to SLO offer can enjoy free 100 Minutes on usage of Rs. 8.

Procedure/Method to activate Telenor Talkshawk Sim Lagao offer is given below.

How to Activate Sim Lagao Offer:

To activate your Sim lagao offer, insert your Sim back into your cell phone and

Call 2222
Send SMS “FREE” to 2222

Other Details:

Offer Validity: Free Minutes, SMS and Internet MBs will be valid for 15 days after activation of Sim Lagao Offer.
Charges: Charges of Call or SMS to 2222 are Rs. 0.20 + tax.


  • Free minutes will be counted on per minute pulse and is not dependent on the package pulse. Which means If subscriber on ‘TalkShawk har second’ makes 1 second call it will be counted as 1 complete free minute. Also if subscriber on ‘TalkShawk 30 second’ makes 20 second call it will be counted as 1 free minute.
  • Free minutes are only for On-Net calls (Telenor to Telenor).
  • You can also replace your lost/damaged Sim free from Customer Service Center or Franchise.
  • When you use Rs. 8 in a day, you will get 100 free minutes which are valid only for the same day. After 45 days, you will not get any minutes on using Rs. 8.

To Check Remaining SMS or Minutes, Click Here.
To Check Remaining Internet, Click Here.

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Telenor Call & SMS Block Service

9 March 2014


Telenor always provides the best services and offers as its customers need. Now, the Telenor is providing a service that will allow the Telenor Customer to block all messages and calls from an unwanted number. You can block multiple numbers too. Now you can get rid of all the persons that disturb you. When you subscribe to Telenor Call and SMS Block Service, you can block any number in the format:

030x-xxxxxx, 033x-xxxxxx, 032x-xxxxxxxx, 034x-xxxxxxx, 021-xxxxxxx, 042-xxxxxxx

When you will block a number, then he/she will not be able to make any call to you or send any SMS message to you.

How to Subscribe to Telenor Block Service:

To activate the Telenor calls and SMS block service, go to write new message option in your mobile phone.

Write “sub” in message and send this SMS to 420.

(You will receive confirmation SMS when service will be activated).

How to Block a Number in Telenor:

Once you subscribed to Telenor Block Service, you can block any number.

Write a new message and Send “B<space><number>” to 420.

(Example: “B 03456789000” to 420).

How to UnBlock a Number:

You can unblock the numbers which you have blocked.

Write a new message and Send “UB<space><number>” to 420.

(Example: “UB 03456789000” to 420).

How to Get Block List:

Write message “BL” and send it to 420.

How to Unsubscribe Telenor Call and SMS Block Service:

If you want to unsubscribe to Telenor number blocking service,

Write “usub” and send it to 420.


Monthly Charges are Rs. 20 + tax.

For every SMS sent to 420 for blocking or unblocking a number, Rs. 2 + tax will be charged.

Please Read:

  • This offer is available on Talkshawk and Djuice as well as Persona.
  • The service is renewed after every 30 days.
  • If you have not enough balance at time of renewal, service will be deactivated.
  • After deactivation, Block list will be kept for 7 days.
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Telenor Talkshawk Mini Budget Offer

26 January 2014


Telenor lets its customers enjoy the “Telenor Mini Budget Offer” with subscription of which, users will get free Minutes, SMS and Internet.
On activating this offer, user will be able to avail:

  1. 100 or 50 Free Minutes (On-Net)
  2. 300 Free SMS
  3. 3MB Free Internet.

How to Activate Mini Budget:

If you want to activate Telenor Talkshawk Mini Budget offer,

dial *240#.


The subscription charges of Mini Budget offer with 50 Minutes are Rs. 12 + Tax.

And for Mini Budget offer with 100 Minutes , the charges are Rs. 15 + Tax.


The free minutes, SMS and internet can be used during the whole day of subscription till 12AM.

More Details:

  • Mini Budget offer is only available for the customers using Telenor Talkshawk 24 Hours, Talkshawk Economy, Talkshawk 75 Paisa or Talkshawk Value Package.
  • The offer will be valid till 12AM.
  • If a customer activates Mini Budget offer, he cannot activate LBC or Poora Pakistan offer.
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Telenor Internet Packages

1 September 2013


Telenor provides best internet packages for its customers to enjoy the internet and remain connected with the world. Telenor provides different internet bundle packages so that every user uses the Telenor internet according to his need. You can see the prices, details and activation procedure of each package below.

Internet Packages in Telenor:

Bachat Offer
Acivation Price Rs. 1
Usage Charges Rs. 1.5 / MB
Validity 1 Day
Activation Dial *345*915#
Economy Package
Price Rs. 4
Data Volume 5 MB
Validity 1 Day
Activation Dial *345*931#
Daily Package
Price Rs. 12
Data Volume 50 MB
Validity 1 Day
Activation Dial *345*932#
3 Days Package
Price Rs. 20
Data Volume 150 MB
Validity 3 Days
Activation Dial *345*933#
Weekly Package
Price Rs. 35
Data Volume 250 MB
Validity 7 Days
Activation Dial *345*934#
Monthly Package
Price Rs. 250
Data Volume 1000 MB
Validity 30 Days
Activation Dial *345*935#
Daily Time Package
Price Rs. 5
Internet Minutes 60 Minutes
Validity 1 Day
Activation Dial *919#

(These Packages are available for Telenor Talkshawk customers.)
For Usage Inquiry: Dial *999#

To get Internet Setting for your mobile phone, Click Here.

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Telenor Talkshawk Karachi Offer

11 July 2013


Telenor Talkshawk presents a new offer for its customers living in Karachi to make unlimited calls (Telenor to Telenor) and send SMS and use internet throughout the whole day with the lowest price.

Karachi Offer Details:

By activating the offer, you can enjoy:

  • Unlimited On-Net Calls
  • 50 SMS
  • 3 MB Internet.

Price: Rs. 8 + Tax / Day.

Validity: 24 Hours (Till Midnight).

How to Activate Telenor Karachi Offer:

If you want to subscribe to Telenor Karachi offer,

Dial *345*021#.

Please Read:

  1. This offer is available only on Talkshawk 75 Paisa, Talkshawk Economy, Talkshawk 24 and Talkshawk Value price plan.
  2. The offer will be valid till midnight.
  3. This is a limited time offer.
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Telenor Talkshawk Daily Internet Package

22 June 2013


Telenor now introduces a new daily internet package with best rates. Now you can use internet any time and pay only for the time you used the internet. This packages is based on usage and you are charged according to the MBs you use. The detail of this internet packages is given below.


Daily Internet Package
Activation Code *915#
Price Rs. 1.5 + tax / MB
Validity 1 Day
Subscription Charges Rs. 1 + tax

For more Telenor Talkshawk internet packages, Click Here.

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Telenor Talkshawk SMS Packages

20 June 2013


Like all other mobile phone networks, Telenor also provides a number of SMS packages so that the user can choose one of the packages to meet his needs. There are 4 different SMS bundle packages in Telenor Talkshawk.

Telenor Talkshawk SMS Packages:

Daily SMS Package
Price Rs. 3.5 + tax
SMS 150
Validity 1 Day
5 Days SMS Package
Price Rs. 6 + tax
SMS 300
Validity 5 Days
15 Days SMS Package
Price Rs. 12 + tax
SMS 600
Validity 15 Days
15 Days SMS Package 2
Price Rs. 32 + tax
SMS 1500
Validity 15 Days

Note: Validity of weekly SMS package for Talkshawk A1 package is Subscription Day + 4 days (4 Days).

How to Activate:

  1. Dial 555.
  2. Press 5 and then 1 to Listen about available SMS bundle packages.
  3. Select the SMS package you want to activate.

(To check remaining SMS, Dial *111#)

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Telenor Unlimited Call Package – Telenor Super Star Offer

11 June 2013


Telenor always provides the best offers and services to meet the needs of the customers. Making a call from a mobile phone is the fastest way of communication. Many times, we have to make calls to our loved people for some reasons or to get rid of boredom.

Telenor is now providing an unlimited call package offer. With this offer, you don’t have to pay for every individual call. Instead, you will pay once and make unlimited call during the whole day.


Super Star Offer is an unlimited call package for making On-Net (Telenor to Telenor) calls for whole day (except 7PM to 10PM).


The daily activation charges are Rs. 11.99 + tax / day.

How to Activate:

If you want to activate Telenor unlimited call package,

Dial *345*248#.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Unlimited calls are only for Telenor to Telenor (on-net) calls.
  • This offer is not applicable from 7PM to 10PM.
  • Validity of the offer will expire at 12AM every day and the user will have to activate this offer again.
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Telenor Advance Balance

29 May 2013


Sometimes, we are busy calling our some loved one. Suddenly, the balance is over. This causes problem. Therefore, Telenor has introduced its service known as “Telenor Auto Advance”.

With this service, when you are calling someone and your balance runs out, you can get advance/loan balance automatically without asking for it.

Advance Balance: Rs. 3

How to Get Advance in Telenor:

For auto advance service by telenor, you do not need to pay any activation charges. There is no any subscription for this service.

You will get the advance balance of Rs. 3 when you are busy in calling someone and your balance ends.

(This service is only for Talkshawk Customers. On recharge, used advance will be deducted.)

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How to Get Telenor Internet Setting

22 May 2013


Telenor always provides its users with the best features. One may need to get internet setting to use GRPS (internet) on his/her mobile phone. If you are using Telenor and want to get internet setting for mobile phone, follow the below procedure.

How to Get Internet Setting in Telenor:

To get Telenor internet setting, write a new message.

Write “ALL” in SMS and send it to 131.

(You will receive ineternet setting via SMS messages).

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