25 June 2013


Ufone Hub

For the first time in Pakistan, Ufone offers “Ufone Hub” service for its customers to stay connected with the world and get information without internet. Now they can get every type of news and useful information about their desired topics through SMS. By this service, you can get

  • News updates from BBC and CNN.
  • Weather, Sports and Fashion updates.
  • Send and receive e-mails.

When you will activate this offer, you will have option to choose your desired topics and then you will receive information about the topics. You can also set number of updates per day and per topic.

How to Activate / Subscribe Ufone Hub Service:

Write “SUB” in SMS and send this message to 6336.

You will receive SMS having your Ufone Hub Portal URL and a PIN code.

Go to www.ufonehub.com and use your mobile phone number and Pin code to login.


The charges of Ufone Hub service are Rs. 5 + Tax / Week.

Additional Detail:

Write “Help” in SMS and send it to 6336 for Ufone Hub keywords and descriptions.

You can set up to 10 services and 30 SMS daily.

24 June 2013


How to Change Order of Comments in WordPress

The comments made on a post or page of a WordPress blog are stored in database and shown in a order with respect to their dates. By default, the comments are shown in an order such that the most recent comments are at the top.

If you want to change the order or want to show the older comments at top, then follow the below procedure.

Step 1:

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to

Setting >> Discussion.

Comments Order Change

Step 2:

Now select the “newer” / “older” comments at the top as shown in the picture.

How to change comments order

Then save the changes and your comments will be shown according to the order you selected.

23 June 2013


Zong International Call Offer – Zong Batooni Flight

Zong comes with a new offer “Zong Batooni Flight” having international voice call bundle packages with lowest rates. There are multiple voice bundles for international calling, from which you can select a bundle you desire.

Where You Can Call:

Landline and Mobile: USA, Canada, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

Only Landline: UK, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Malaysia, France, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Spain, Greece and Netherlands.

International Call Packages:

Packages Price Minutes Validity
Daily Rs. 10 + tax 12 1 Day
Weekly Rs. 50 + tax 60 7 Days
15 Days Rs. 100 + tax 120 15 Days
Monthly Rs. 500 + tax 600 30 Days
Monthly 2 Rs. 1000 + tax 1200 30 Days

Note: The Weekly and 15 Days Package is only available for prepaid customers.

How to Activate Zong International Call Packages:

To activate the Zong Batooni Flight international call offer,

Dial *138#.

How to Deactivate:

If you want to unsubscribe to Zong Batooni Flight offer,

Dial *139#.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This is a limited time offer.
  • The package remains activated until the user unsubscribes or the balance ends.
  • The Weekly and 15 Days package is only for prepaid customers, not for postpaid. All other packages are available both on prepaid and postpaid.
  • If you are a postpaid customer, the first activation of monthly package will be valid till end of current billing cycle. After the cycle, the validity of monthly packages will be till end of one month billing cycles.
  • The users who have subscribed for international roaming cannot avail this offer.

22 June 2013


Telenor Talkshawk Daily Internet Package

Telenor now introduces a new daily internet package with best rates. Now you can use internet any time and pay only for the time you used the internet. This packages is based on usage and you are charged according to the MBs you use. The detail of this internet packages is given below.


Daily Internet Package
Activation Code *915#
Price Rs. 1.5 + tax / MB
Validity 1 Day
Subscription Charges Rs. 1 + tax

For more Telenor Talkshawk internet packages, Click Here.

20 June 2013


Telenor Talkshawk SMS Packages

Like all other mobile phone networks, Telenor also provides a number of SMS packages so that the user can choose one of the packages to meet his needs. There are 4 different SMS bundle packages in Telenor Talkshawk.

Telenor Talkshawk SMS Packages:

Daily SMS Package
Price Rs. 3.5 + tax
SMS 150
Validity 1 Day
5 Days SMS Package
Price Rs. 6 + tax
SMS 300
Validity 5 Days
15 Days SMS Package
Price Rs. 12 + tax
SMS 600
Validity 15 Days
15 Days SMS Package 2
Price Rs. 32 + tax
SMS 1500
Validity 15 Days

Note: Validity of weekly SMS package for Talkshawk A1 package is Subscription Day + 4 days (4 Days).

How to Activate:

  1. Dial 555.
  2. Press 5 and then 1 to Listen about available SMS bundle packages.
  3. Select the SMS package you want to activate.

(To check remaining SMS, Dial *111#)

19 June 2013


How to Make Image Large on Mouseover

Enlarge Image with CSS3

You might have seen somewhere that when you bring your mouse pointer on the image, it becomes large. It is a good technique to focus on it. This is made with the help of CSS3. Mouseover event is applied by using “:hover” which makes an image to be large on mouseover. Below is the code and example.


<img scr=”image_url” width=”128″ height=”128″>



img {
transition: transform 1s;
-webkit-transition: transform 1s;
img:hover {



Mouseover Me

16 June 2013


How to Make Circle in CSS

If you want to make a round box (a div element) like a circle in your website or page, you can do this with CSS “border-radius” property.

How to Create Round Box Using CSS:

You can draw a circle by using the following CSS code.

#element {

/*Setting Width and Height*/
width: 100px;
height: 100px;

/*Making Box Round*/
border-radius: 100px;

/*Border-Radius should must be equal to width and height*/


Example CSS Circle:

This Is A Round Box

15 June 2013


Ufone Call Packages

Ufone is one of he best mobile phone networks in Pakistan. Ufone takes care of its customers and provide all services and offers they need. Everyone uses his mobile phone in his own way. Some people use to make calls to remain connected with their loved ones. While some people like to have SMS messaging and they make minimum calls. Observing the different requirements of different people, Ufone offers a number of call packages so that the customer can choose one of the call packages according to his daily requirement.

Tariff of the Ufone prepaid call packages is given below in the tables.

Call Rates:


Ufone 30 Second Package
FNF Rs. 0.45 + Tax / 30 sec
On-Net (Ufone to Ufone) Rs. 0.83 + Tax / 30 sec
Off-Net (Otehr Networks) Rs. 0.83 + Tax / 30 sec
Uwon Package
On-Net (Ufone to Ufone) Rs. 1.9 + Tax / Minute
Off-Net (Otehr Networks) Rs. 1.9 + Tax / Minute
Tension Free Basic Package
FNF Rs. 0.45 + Tax / 30 sec
On-Net (Ufone to Ufone) Rs. 0.99 + Tax / 30 sec
Off-Net (Otehr Networks) Rs. 0.99 + Tax / 30 sec
Lady’s Package
Ufone to PTCL (10AM to 5PM) Rs. 2 + Tax / Hour
Ufone to PTCL (5PM to 10AM) Rs. 1.6 + Tax / Minute
All Networks Rs. 1.6 + Tax / Minute
Uwon Super Call
On-Net (Ufone to Ufone) Rs. 3.5 + Tax / Hour
Off-Net (Other Networks) Rs. 1.9 + Tax / Minute
Uth Non-Stop
FnF (12AM to 5PM) Rs. 2.99 + Tax / Hour
FnF (5PM to 12AM) Rs. 0.45 + Tax / 30 sec
On-Net (Ufone to Ufone)
Call after 3 minutes
Rs. 2.5 + Tax / Minute
Off-Net (Other Networks) Rs. 2.5 + Tax / Minute

SMS Rates:

All Packages
Ufone to Ufone Rs. 1.5 + Tax / SMS
Ufone to Other Networks Rs. 1.5 + Tax / SMS
International SMS Rs. 5 + Tax / SMS

For International Call Rates, Click Here.

For changing your Ufone Package, Click Here.

13 June 2013


Zong Circle

Zong now introduces a new brand named as “ZongCircle“. It includes the best call rates and a lot of bundle packages for every one.

How to Activate Zong Circle:

If you want to activate the Zong Circle,

Dial *456#.

(Or you can buy a new Zong Circle Sim).

Zong Circle Tariff:

The Zong Circle offers the cheapest rates.

Tariff Plan
FNF (On-Net) Calls Rs. 0.9 + Tax / Hour
FNF (Off-Net) Calls Rs. 0.9 + Tax / Minute
On-Net Calls Rs. 0.9 + Tax / 30 Seconds
Off-Net Calls Rs. 0.9 + Tax / 30 Seconds
SMS Rs. 0.5 + Tax / SMS
Internet Rs. 12 / MB

Bundle Packages:

Type Name Price You Will Get
Call Package Full Gup Rs. 5 + Tax
  • 75 On-Net Min
  • 500 SMS
  • 100 MMS
SMS Package Thaka-Thak Rs. 2.5 + Tax 500 SMS
Internet Package Cheetah Rs. 3.99 4MB Internet

Other Details:

  • You can also set 5 Off-Net Friends and Family numbers.
  • FNF number addition or modification charges are Rs. 5 + Tax.
  • SMS friend’s number to 4567 to check FREE that he is in the Circle or not.

12 June 2013


How to Make Font Bold in CSS

Making some words bold in a large article is very nice to make article attractive and easily readable or to make the word prominent in the article. If you want to make font bold using CSS, see the below code.

How to Make Font Bold in CSS:

Insert the following code in the style of the element you want to make bold.


font-weight: bold;


The element will become bold.