How to Trace Visitor

This post has a trick that allow you to see your website analytics and trace a visitor on your website or blog.

There are many websites, softwares and widgets that show you your website analytics and provide you information about visitors.

Woopra is a software that allow you to see your website’s performance and it can trace visitors fully. It also supports multiple sites on one account. Woopra has also a website where you can manage your websites and see your website’s performance live. It also supports live chat with visitors.

So, It is the best software for your website.


You can choose a free or paid plan. If you choose a free plan then your website trial will expire if your visitors will perform more than 30000 actions in a month.

Then you will have to remove and add your website again. Otherwise, no longer you will see your website analytics.


Now I will tell you that how to use Woopra and trace visitors.


How to Trace Visitors


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Register giving your correct information and choosing your desired plan.

Step 3: Add your website.
(Then you will be given a code).

Step 4: Place the given code in your website (footer).

Step 5: Download Woopra software Click Here.

Step 6: Execute and login into Woopra software and connect your website.

Step 7: See analytics and trace visitors…



Why use Woopra to trace visitors

If we talk about Woopra features, there are many features in Woopra that are not provided by others.
Some of Woopra features are listed below:

1. Real-time Analytics.
2. Information about Backlinks, queries and keywords
3. Traces visitor’s IP, Country, Location, city, OS and browser etc.
4. Supports live chat with visitors.

Use this trick and enjoy.

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