How to Increase Typing Speed

4 May 2013

Computer Tricks

Computer has become very important in our lives and we perform many tasks on the computer daily. To perform some task and get output, we have to input data into the computer. We give input to the computer by typing on the keyboard. Therefore, typing speed is much valuable while working with computer. Everyone wants to increase his/her typing speed so that the minimum time is spent on writing into the computer. If you want to increase your typing speed, see the tips discussed below.

Tips for Increasing Typing Speed:

  1. As it is said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. Typing also needs practice. So, spend a proper time in typing. If you build up your typing routine, it will be very helpful for you.
  2. You should download and install a software named “TypingMaster”. (To download, Click Here)
  3. Learn to put your hand correctly on the keyboard for typing. (See tutorial in TypingMaster Software)
  4. At first, neither be emotional nor type fast. If you start typing fast, you will make mistakes in typing.
  5. By starting with a slow speed, and then gradually increasing your speed, you can reduce your mistakes.
  6. Test your speed in Typing Master.
  7. Play different types of games present in Typing Master. Because, it teaches you typing with fun and entertainment and you never feel boredom while typing.
  8. Keep on testing your typing speed regularly.

Hope you will be successful in increasing your typing speed.

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  1. Rehan Says:

    Great Article.I learnt a lot through it.Thank you for sharing.


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