How to Get Advance in Zong – Zong Rescue Service

12 October 2014

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Zong Rescue Balance

Zong is the best and fastest growing network in Pakistan. It has always been providing the customers with the services they need. Often your balance gets low and you have to make some important calls. Now the Zong gives the service to get Advance/ Loan balance through the service named “Zong Rescue Service“. By this service, you can get a loan balance of  Rs. 5.

How to Get Rescue Balance in Zong:

To get advance balance, write a new message

Write “Rescue” in SMS and Send it to 911.

(You will receive the confirmation messages and balance will be given to you).


Rs. 5 + 1 = Rs. 6 given will be deducted on recharge (Service charges are Rs. 1).

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23 Responses to “How to Get Advance in Zong – Zong Rescue Service”

  1. hassan Says:



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  3. mohammad ali Says:

    Ye sood hy is ko roko warna ap ka karobar tabha ho jaee gaa


  4. Dr.Muhammad Ali Mirza Says:

    I got 20 Rs balance . it works


  5. sak Says:

    hohoha i get loan wd sood


  6. harry khokhar Says:

    mango balance mila hai


  7. latest Mobiles Says:

    So easy way to get advance balance thanx to post it.


  8. Najee Khan Says:

    Thanks! So easy way of checking remaining free MBs…


  9. m.iRFAN Says:

    main ney abhi try kia hay Rs.10 ka advance aaya hay maray pas


  10. kashif Butt Says:

    advance nai ata
    sab bakwas ha


  11. Sahir khan Says:

    iam trying trying trying and trying ur msg come that iam subscribed but no advance balance come…


  12. Sahir khan Says:

    i this a funny joke ???


  13. nigar Says:

    aik rupee se bhi kam balance.


  14. Shoaiba Says:

    I want at least rs 10 bt u u give me only 1 rs…


  15. princess rosie Says:

    kia ap such main daitay ho?


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