How to Convert Glow to Warid Zem

Changing Package from Warid Glow to Simple Warid Zem

Like all the networks, Warid also provides the service to its customers to change their tariff plans. There are two main packages of Warid, one is Warid Zem and the other is Warid Glow. Glow package is new and has more features than Zem, but some people want to change their package from Warid Glow to Warid Zem. If you want to unsubscribe/deactivate Glow, then this page will help you. Below is the procedure to convert Warid Glow to Warid Zem.

How to Convert Glow to Zem:

To change your existing Glow package to Zem, follow the below simple steps.

  1. Dial 100.
  2. Select 2 for tariff info and changing.
  3. Again select 2 for changing the package.
  4. Select your desired package and follow the procedure.

You will receive confirmation message(s) when your package will be changed.


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