How to Check Remaining Internet (GPRS) in Telenor

2 April 2013

Telecom, Telenor Tricks

Some people activate internet bundles, but they don’t know that how much free source has been used. Usually Internet usage is expressed in MB (Mega Bytes). This trick tells you that how to check Internet (GPRS) usage of Telenor sim.


How to Check Remaining Internet (GPRS Usage):

To check Remaining Internet,

Just dial *999#

(You will be shown the Remaining Free Internet).


Charges: Charges for this service are Rs. 0.20.

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    what is pocket tv plz give me detail


  3. ammara Says:

    aoa kia ya mbs ka auto message ni ata k m ny kitny use kiya ha without dailing any code
    what is pocket tv and how to use
    plz give all detail and information


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  5. saeed ahmad Says:

    Internet balance


  6. Ali Says:

    check numbae


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