How to Change Package in Jazz

5 January 2013

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Like other mobile networks, Mobilink Jazz also provides different packages (having different call and SMS rates) to meet the needs of a large number of customers. These packages can be changed with each other according to the instructions given by customer. There are seven packages as:

  1. Jazz Budget
  2. Jazz One
  3. Jazz 24 Ghanta
  4. Jazz Easy
  5. Such Jazba
  6. Jazba LNO
  7. Jazba Starter

Below is the procedure to change Mobilink Jazz package:

How to Change Mobilink Jazz Package:


Package Activation
Change Package to Jazz Budget Dial *301#
Change Package to Jazz One Dial *302#
Change Package to Jazz 24 Ghanta Dial *304#
Change Package to Jazz Easy Dial *305#
Change Package to Such Jazba Dial *204#
Change Package to Jazba LNO Dial *205#
Change Package to Jazba Starter Dial *200#


Or call 123 and follow the instructions.

If you are changing your package for first time, then it is free otherwise you will be charged Rs. 15 + tax.

Change your package and enjoy…!

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