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How to Setup SMS Service on Website

9 May 2013

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Web 2 SMS in Pakistan

We have an SMS Messaging Server.  Free SMS Service can be provided on the website to get good traffic. If you want to provide SMS Messaging Service on your website, you can provide it! This procedure is like SMS API.

You just have to choose a package from the table below, and then

Contact Us: +923157976665

We will give you an HTML code that you will have to paste in your page.


Package No. Fee / Month SMS Limit Uptime
1 Rs. 1,000 30,000 98%
2 Rs. 2,000 65,000 98%
3 Rs. 3,000 90,000 99%
4 Rs. 4,000 1,25,000 99%
5 Rs. 5,500 1,75,000 99.9%
6 Rs. 7,000 2,20,000 99.9%
7 Rs. 8,500 2,80,000 99.9%
8 Rs. 10,000 3,10,000 99.9%

Please Read:

  • Currently, the service is provided only in Pakistan.
  • All rates are in PKR (Pakistani Rupees).
  • You can change your domain free.
  • You can show your Adsense ads.
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How to Change Thumbnail Image Size in WordPress

7 May 2013


Changing Thumbnail Image Size

If you want to change the thumbnail image size in your WordPress blog, follow the below simple steps.

Step 1: Login to WordPress admin panel of your website/blog.

From the left sidebar Select:

Setting >> Media.

Change Thumbnail Image Size







Step 2: Now change the width and height of thumbnail image as shown in the picture.


Change Thumbnail Width and Height


Change the width and height in pixels and enjoy!

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How to Rotate Object on Mouseover

28 April 2013


Rotate Object Using CSS3

You might have seen somewhere that when you bring your mouse pointer on the object, it rotates. The question that arises in your mind that how this has been created. This is made with the help of CSS3. CSS has a new function of transform to move the object as you wish. Mouseover event is applied by using “:hover“. Below is an example for you to understand rotation of an object.


<div id=”object”>This is a box.
Mouse Over It.</div>



#object {
width: 100px;
background-color: aqua;
border: 1px solid black;
transition: all 2s;
-webkit-transition: all 2s;

#object:hover {



This is a box.
Mouse Over It.
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How to Post WordPress Posts to Facebook Automatically

24 April 2013

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Auto Posting From WordPress to Facebook

Most of the people do not want to spend their time on posting links from their WordPress blog to their Facebook profile or page. The WordPress solves this problem. If you want that your WordPress blog posts should automatically be published on your Facebook profile or page, this page will help you.

WordPress to Facebook Auto-Posters:

Here are some plugins that will automatically publish your WordPress posts to your Facebook page or profile.

  1. Simple Facebook Connect
  2. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

These plugins will do your work while you are taking rest.


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How to Create Transparent Box in CSS

16 April 2013

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Make a Box Transparent Using CSS

This is a trick that will tell you how to create a transparent box with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). This is done by “Opacity”  property of CSS. If we set the value of opacity as 1, box will be shown as normal (non-transparent). And if we set the value of opacity as “0”, then it will disappear.

So, if we set the value of opacity property between 0 and 1. Then the box will be transparent.

Normally, value of opacity for transparency is “0.5”.

(The box will be less transparent if value is “0.8” and highly transparent when value is “0.2”).

Below is the example and code of a transparent box.


<div id=”transparent”>This is a transparent box in which text is written.

In this box, there can be paragraphs, headings as well as images and other elements.</div>


#transparent {
width: 250px;
border:1px solid black;
background-color: #26FF00;
opacity: 0.5;


This is a transparent box in which text is written.
In this box, there can be paragraphs, headings as well as images and other elements.
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How to Convert HTML to PHP

23 March 2013


How to Convert HTML code to PHP code

This article is about to convert HTML to PHP by some simple methods without any software. HTML is a simple language and almost the people want to convert it to PHP, so that a normal person cannot understand or edit it. Below are the methods:

Method 1:

It is the simplest method. Simply rename the file and change its extension to “.php”. It will work same.

(Example: Rename “filename.html” to “filename.php”)


Method 2:

It is another method to make HTML complex. Just create a file with extension “.php”.

Open this file with notepad and write:

<?php echo ‘Your HTML Code Here‘; ?>

Enjoy the trick…!

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How to Trace Visitor

30 June 2012


This post has a trick that allow you to see your website analytics and trace a visitor on your website or blog.

There are many websites, softwares and widgets that show you your website analytics and provide you information about visitors.

Woopra is a software that allow you to see your website’s performance and it can trace visitors fully. It also supports multiple sites on one account. Woopra has also a website where you can manage your websites and see your website’s performance live. It also supports live chat with visitors.

So, It is the best software for your website.


You can choose a free or paid plan. If you choose a free plan then your website trial will expire if your visitors will perform more than 30000 actions in a month.

Then you will have to remove and add your website again. Otherwise, no longer you will see your website analytics.


Now I will tell you that how to use Woopra and trace visitors.


How to Trace Visitors


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Register giving your correct information and choosing your desired plan.

Step 3: Add your website.
(Then you will be given a code).

Step 4: Place the given code in your website (footer).

Step 5: Download Woopra software Click Here.

Step 6: Execute and login into Woopra software and connect your website.

Step 7: See analytics and trace visitors…



Why use Woopra to trace visitors

If we talk about Woopra features, there are many features in Woopra that are not provided by others.
Some of Woopra features are listed below:

1. Real-time Analytics.
2. Information about Backlinks, queries and keywords
3. Traces visitor’s IP, Country, Location, city, OS and browser etc.
4. Supports live chat with visitors.

Use this trick and enjoy.

Give comments in box below…

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How To Remove All in One SEO Pack Fatal Error – Full Solution

25 January 2012


Now Problem in All in One SEO Pack Plugin of WordPress is Fixed.
Here is Soluton of The Following Problem:

A Person Using WordPress WebHost, When Activates All in One SEO Pack, See an Error on the Screen as Follows:

(Fatal Error: *wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/aioseop.class.php on line 3)

This is Because of Another SEO Plugin Activated.

To Remove This Error Follow Some Simple Steps:


Step 1: Login into your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Plugins (On the SideBar in WordPress).

Step 3: In Installed Plugins, Search for Plugin named “WordPress SEO”.

Step 4: Click Deactivate (Written Just Below “WordPress SEO”)

Step 5: Now, Search for Plugin named “All in One SEO Pack” and Click on Activate/Install.


Your Plugin is Activated
Keep Enjoying…..

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