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BizXcess – Postpaid Package by Zong

30 April 2013


Zong is the best network in Pakistan and have grown very fast in the 5 years. Zong has always been providing the customers with the best services and offers. Now, the Zong launches a new postpaid package named as “BizXcess” with a wide range of tariff (package) plans. There are three package plans offered in BizXcess as given below:

Package Plans:

  • EconoXcess
  • ProXcess
  • SmartXcess.

For more information about plans, Click Here.

Bundle Offers:

Currently there are the following bundle offers:

  1. SMS Bundles
  2. Internet Bundles
  3. Group Call Bundles.

For more information, Click Here.


There are multiple payment methods available to pay the bill of your BizXcess Sim. The methods are:

  1. Mini Load
  2. Scratch Card
  3. Cash
  4. Credit Card
  5. Direct Debit
  6. Customer Service Center and Franchise.

For more information, Click Here.

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Zong Missed Call Alerts Service

23 April 2013


Sometimes, the mobile phone gets turned off because of battery low or any other reason. People are worried about the important calls made to their numbers. Zong brings the offer to get Missed Call Alerts via SMS on their mobile phone having the information about the calls that were made to their number when the mobile phone was turned off or busy. There are two Missed Call Alert Offers depending on the validity of the subscription.

Zong Missed Call Alerts Monthly:

How to Subscribe: Write SMS “Sub” and send it to 6227.

How to Unsub: Write SMS “Unsub” and send to 6229.

Charges: Rs. 20 + tax / Month.

Zong Missed Call Alerts Weekly:

How to Subscribe: Write SMS “Sub” and send it to 6226.

How to Unsub: Write SMS “Unsub” and send it to 6226.

Charges: Rs. 5 + tax / Week.

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How to Book Zong Number Online

17 April 2013


Booking Zong Sim

Zong is the fastest growing network in Pakistan. It is because of the services which it provide to its customers. Zong also gives the service that lets the people to Book their desired numbers online. You can check the availability of the number instantly and can book available number online without going to Franchise or retailer’s shop. The procedure to book zong number is the following.

How to Book Zong Number:

  1. Go to Zong number booking page, Click Here!
  2. Write your desired number and click “Check Availability” link.
  3. If the number is not available, just check another number.
  4. If the number is available, write your full name.
  5. Then, in the next field, enter your CNIC that means Identity (ID) Card Number.
  6. Enter your existing number, or any number to which you want the booking information to be sent.
  7. Select your city from the list.
  8. You will be shown some options after processing, Select your nearest Franchise from the options.
  9. Now Click on “Book My Number” button.

When you will click the “Book My Number”, a ticket will be generated. You can get your booked number from the nearest Franchise (which you had selected). You should remember the information you have entered. Please keep a record of this number as you will have to present this along with a copy of your CNIC (ID Card) when the Sim will be given to you.

Please, enter your correct information such as your full name should be according to NADRA records. Otherwise, you may have to face problems.

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How to Get Zong Internet Setting

13 April 2013

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Zong is the fastest growing network in Pakistan. Zong always provides its customers with the packages and offers they need. As there are different internet settings for different mobile phones, so you may need to get internet setting. Procedure to get your Internet / Wap Setting is the following.

How to Get Internet/Wap Setting in Zong:

Internet Setting:

Write “internet<space><company><space><model>” and send this SMS to 131.

Example: “internet nokia n8” to 131.

Wap Setting:

Write “wap<space><company><space><model>” and send it to 131.

Example: “wap nokia n8” to 131.

(You will receive your required setting in a short time).

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Zong Weekly Internet (GPRS) Package

8 April 2013

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Zong always provides the customers with the best offers according to their needs. Now, the Zong presents a package for the users who like to browse internet from mobile phone on low cost. The Zong comes with the best weekly internet package that allows you to use internet (GPRS) whole week. In this offer, you will get:

  • 120 minutes to use internet free during weekdays (Monday to Friday).
  • Use unlimited internet and downloading free during weekend (Saturday & Sunday).

How to Subscribe/Activate Zong Weekly Internet Package:

To activate your weekly internet / GPRS package,

Write: “ESUB<space>weekly
and send it to 906.

(You will receive confirmation message and your package will be activated).


Activation Charges: Rs. 10 + tax (only first time).

Weekly Charges: Rs. 35 + tax.

(Existing per hour/daily mobile internet users are exempted from first time activation charges).

How to Unsubscribe or Deactivate:

To unsub the Zong weekly internet package,

Write: “unsub<space>weekly
and send it to 909.

Deactivation Charges: Rs. 5  + tax.


GPRS after usage of 120 minutes will be charged @ Rs. 0.25/min.

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How to Activate Sim in Pakistan – Sim Activation 2013

7 April 2013


PTA has changed the procedure to activate a new Sim in Pakistan. As the PTA says: “Using a SIM which is not registered in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime”. PTA always wants the most secure usage of Telecommunication. The Sim activation method 2013 is the most secure.

Procedure to Activate Sim:

To activate your new sim, follow the below steps:

  1. Buy a new Sim from any retailer or Customer Service Centre or Franchise Centre of the related Sim network.
  2. Give the seller your CNIC No. (ID Card Number).
  3. Put the Sim into your mobile phone.
  4. Now, make a free call to 789.
  5. The customer will be required CNIC Number and some other personal information like full name and mother’s name.
  6. Provide your truthful information as in NADRA records.
  7. Your information will be verified by helpline through NADRA database.
  8. If your information in verified, your Sim will be activated within 1 hour.
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How to Check Remaining SMS in Zong

30 March 2013


How to Check SMS Usage in Zong

This is a trick that tells you how you can see your SMS package status i.e., Remaining SMS in your Zong sim. There are two simple ways to check remaining SMS. Procedure to check remaining SMS in Zong is given.

How to Check Remaining SMS in Zong:

Method 1:

Dial *102*2#.

Method 2:

Type a new message “2” and send to 102.

Method 3:

Dial *102# and reply with 2.

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How to Unsubscribe/Deactivate Zong Flutter Package

17 January 2013


This is the procedure to deactivate or unsubscribe from the Zong Flutter package.

How to Deactivate/Unsubscribe:

Write a new message “Unsub” and send to 369.


Dial *369# and select “Unsub”

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How to Unsubscribe/Deactivate Zong Dial Tunes

16 January 2013


This is a tip that will help you if you want to unscubscribe/deactivate Zong Dail Tunes service. Below is the Procedure to Unsub Zong Dial Tunes.

How to Deactivate Zong Dial Tunes:

Write a New Message “Unreg”
and send it to 230

(The charges of this SMS are Rs. 5 + tax ).

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Zong Saudi Arabia and UAE (Dubai) Offer

12 January 2013

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Zong always offers the customers the best call rates. Similarly, Zong is now providing the best international call rate for Saudi Arabia and Dubai (UAE) so you can call to your friends and family members living in Saudi Arabia or U.A.E with an affordable call rate. This offer gives you 25%+ discount on call rate.


Call Rate: Rs. 2.22 / 15 seconds.
Daily Charges: 2.22 / Day.


Dial *747# and press call key.

Unsubscribe / Deactivate:

Write “UNSUB” and send this SMS to 7474.
(There is no un-subscription fee).

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