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Zong Sim Lagao Offer 2017

12 April 2017


Zong always comes with amazing offers for its customers. That’s why Zong is loved by all the users. Zong now presents another amazing offer “Sim Lagao Offer 2017” for those users who have been inactive (didn’t use their Sim) for Last 30 Days. In this offer, you can enjoy the following free resources DAILY for whole 2 months:

  • 50 Minutes (On-Net).
  • 50 SMS.
  • 5 MB Mobile Internet.

If your Zong Sim is powered off for last 30 days, then you can enjoy 50 free minutes (Zong to Zong), 50 free SMS (all networks) and 5 MB free mobile internet on daily basis for whole two months.

How to Activate Zong Sim Lagao Offer:

To enjoy the new Zong Sim Lagao Offer 2017, put your Sim back into your mobile phone and


Recharge of Rs. 50

Send “Y” to 2244.

OR Dial 2244 or *2244#.


After activating this offer, you will get SMS for confirmation and this offer will be activated for you.

Then you can use 50 free Zong to Zong Minutes, 50 free SMS messages to all networks in Pakistan and free 5MB Mobile Internet daily during two months after activating this offer.

Note: For this offer, you should have availed similar Sim Lagao Offer during past 180 days.


Every day you will be provided with Free On-Net Minutes, Free SMS, and Internet MBs, Valid till midnight (12AM)


Standard tax rates will apply

Useful Links:

For checking the remaining free Minutes, Click Here.

For checking the remaining free SMS, Click Here.

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How to Get Advance in Zong – Zong Rescue Service

12 October 2014


Zong Rescue Balance

Zong is the best and fastest growing network in Pakistan. It has always been providing the customers with the services they need. Often your balance gets low and you have to make some important calls. Now the Zong gives the service to get Advance/ Loan balance through the service named “Zong Rescue Service“. By this service, you can get a loan balance of  Rs. 5.

How to Get Rescue Balance in Zong:

To get advance balance, write a new message

Write “Rescue” in SMS and Send it to 911.

(You will receive the confirmation messages and balance will be given to you).


Rs. 5 + 1 = Rs. 6 given will be deducted on recharge (Service charges are Rs. 1).

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Zong SMS Packages

12 August 2013


Zong is the fastest growing network in Pakistan and has made a significant place in the hearts of its customers. Because Zong always provides best and reliable services and exciting offers. Most of the people like to have conversation with their loved ones via messages. Therefore, Zong provides different SMS bundle packages so that its users can enjoy SMS messaging at very cheap rates. Their are 5 SMS packages for Zong prepaid customers. You can see the details and subscription procedure of each package in the tables below.

Zong SMS Packages:

Best Daily SMS Package
Price Rs. 2.50 + Tax
SMS Messages 500
Validity 1 Day
Activation Dial *704# to Activate
Deactivation Send “Unsub” to 704
Daily SMS Package
Price Rs. 3.99 + Tax
SMS / MMS 500 SMS & 100 MMS
Validity 1 Day
Activation Send “1” to 700
Deactivation Send “unsubscribe” to 700
Weekly SMS Package
Price Rs. 10 + Tax
SMS Messages 1000
Validity 7 Days
Activation Send “2” to 700
Deactivation Send “unsubscribe” to 700
15 Days SMS Package
Price Rs. 50 + Tax
SMS Messages 500 SMS / Day
Validity 15 Days
Activation Send “3” to 700
Deactivation Send “unsubscribe” to 700
Monthly SMS Package
Price Rs. 80 + Tax
SMS Messages 500 SMS / Day
Validity 30 Days
Activation Send “4” to 700
Deactivation Send “unsubscribe” to 700
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Zong Hajj Offer

10 July 2013


Now, Zong comes with a new offer “Zong Hajj Offer“of 2013 to let its customers to have tickets for Hajj. In this offer, the Zong will give 60 tickets to Saudi Arabia to the 30 Lucky Draw Winners during the month of Holy Ramadan. Everyday (in Ramadan), 2 tickets for Hajj will be given to the customer who wins the lucky draw.

So, you can get chance to see the Holy Kaaba on recharge of Rs. 300 during the month of Ramadan.

On each recharge of Rs. 300 during the month of Ramazan, you will get entry in the lucky draw. So, you can have more chances to win on more recharges of Rs. 300.

(This offer is only for Zong prepaid customers).

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Zong International Call Offer – Zong Batooni Flight

23 June 2013


Zong comes with a new offer “Zong Batooni Flight” having international voice call bundle packages with lowest rates. There are multiple voice bundles for international calling, from which you can select a bundle you desire.

Where You Can Call:

Landline and Mobile: USA, Canada, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

Only Landline: UK, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Malaysia, France, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Spain, Greece and Netherlands.

International Call Packages:

Packages Price Minutes Validity
Daily Rs. 10 + tax 12 1 Day
Weekly Rs. 50 + tax 60 7 Days
15 Days Rs. 100 + tax 120 15 Days
Monthly Rs. 500 + tax 600 30 Days
Monthly 2 Rs. 1000 + tax 1200 30 Days

Note: The Weekly and 15 Days Package is only available for prepaid customers.

How to Activate Zong International Call Packages:

To activate the Zong Batooni Flight international call offer,

Dial *138#.

How to Deactivate:

If you want to unsubscribe to Zong Batooni Flight offer,

Dial *139#.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This is a limited time offer.
  • The package remains activated until the user unsubscribes or the balance ends.
  • The Weekly and 15 Days package is only for prepaid customers, not for postpaid. All other packages are available both on prepaid and postpaid.
  • If you are a postpaid customer, the first activation of monthly package will be valid till end of current billing cycle. After the cycle, the validity of monthly packages will be till end of one month billing cycles.
  • The users who have subscribed for international roaming cannot avail this offer.
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Zong Circle

13 June 2013


Zong now introduces a new brand named as “ZongCircle“. It includes the best call rates and a lot of bundle packages for every one.

How to Activate Zong Circle:

If you want to activate the Zong Circle,

Dial *456#.

(Or you can buy a new Zong Circle Sim).

Zong Circle Tariff:

The Zong Circle offers the cheapest rates.

Tariff Plan
FNF (On-Net) Calls Rs. 0.9 + Tax / Hour
FNF (Off-Net) Calls Rs. 0.9 + Tax / Minute
On-Net Calls Rs. 0.9 + Tax / 30 Seconds
Off-Net Calls Rs. 0.9 + Tax / 30 Seconds
SMS Rs. 0.5 + Tax / SMS
Internet Rs. 12 / MB

Bundle Packages:

Type Name Price You Will Get
Call Package Full Gup Rs. 5 + Tax
  • 75 On-Net Min
  • 500 SMS
  • 100 MMS
SMS Package Thaka-Thak Rs. 2.5 + Tax 500 SMS
Internet Package Cheetah Rs. 3.99 4MB Internet

Other Details:

  • You can also set 5 Off-Net Friends and Family numbers.
  • FNF number addition or modification charges are Rs. 5 + Tax.
  • SMS friend’s number to 4567 to check FREE that he is in the Circle or not.
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Zong Pocket TV

10 June 2013


Now the Zong customers can enjoy TV on their mobile phones. Zong brings a new service “Zong Pocket TV” with which the users can watch Television on their mobile phones. For this, any of the internet package should be activated. To see Zong internet packages, Click Here.

How to Activate Zong Pocket TV:

If you want to see TV on your mobile,

Dial *699#

and choose from the following packages:

  1. Daily Subscription: Rs. 10 / day.
  2. Monthly Subscription: Rs. 150 / month

Procedure to Watch TV:

Once you activate this service, you will receive your personal login and pin.
Remember these.

Now, whenever you want to watch TV,
Go to “” from your browser.

Put login and pin and then you will be able to watch TV on your mobile phone.

Available TV Channels:

  • PTV News
  • Express News
  • Dunya News
  • Aaj News
  • Samaa TV
  • Capital TV
  • PTV Home
  • ARY News
  • ARY Qtv
  • PTV Sports
  • ARY Musik
  • HBO
  • ARY Zauq
  • Filmax
  • PlayTV
  • Express Entertainment

Compatible Mobile Phones:

All internet-enabled mobile phones with streaming media player except Apple iPhone.
This is compatible with all Android OS, Windows OS or Java OS phones such as from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Q-Mobile, HTC etc.

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Zong Internet Packages

5 June 2013


Zong is the best and fastest growing mobile phone network in Pakistan. Zong gives its customers the best services and offers. Zong offers multiple internet packages so that every user can enjoy Zong internet according to his wish. There are a lot of internet packages classified on the basis of their validity and features. You can choose your internet package by following the activation procedure. You can see the details and activation procedure of all internet packages by Zong in the table below.


Zong Hourly Internet Package
Price Rs. 15
Validity 1 Hour
Activation Dial 905
Subscription Charges Rs. 10
Others Rs. 0.25 is charged per minute
Zong Daily Internet Package
Price Rs. 5
Internet Minutes 60
Validity 1 Day
Activation Dial *906#
Subscription Charges Rs. 10
Deactivation SMS “unsub” to 909
Others Deactivation Charges are Rs. 5
Zong Daily Unlimited Internet Package
Price Rs. 10
MBs Unlimited
Validity 1 Day
Activation Dial *909#
Subscription Charges Rs. 10
Deactivation SMS “unsub<space>dailyunlimited” to 909
Others Deactivation Charges are Rs. 5
Zong Weekly Internet Package
Price Rs. 35
Daily Minutes 120
Validity 1 Week
Activation Dial *910#
Subscription Charges Rs. 10
Deactivation SMS “unsub<space>weekly” to 909
Others Unlimited downloads on Saturday & Sunday
Good Night Offer
Price Rs. 5
Time 11:00 PM – 9:00 AM
Activation Dial *907#
Subscription Charges Rs. 10
Zong Monthly Internet Packages
Unlimited Truly Unlimited PostpaidUnlimited
Price Rs. 200 Rs. 999 Rs. 400
GBs 2 Unlimited 4

To subscribe to Monthly Unlimited Package, dial *908#.
To subscribe to Zong 4GB Send “Sub4GB” to 905.
To subscribe to Zong Unlimited GPRS bundle on postpaid, dial *596#.

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BizXcess Packages

1 May 2013

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The BizXcess is a new postpaid service launched by Zong with many package plans so that each customer can choose the package according to his needs. There are 3 main packages in BizXcess, from which you can choose the package you desire. The packages are:

  1. EconoXcess
  2. ProXcess
  3. SmartXcess

Details of each package is given below.


EconoXcess is the cheapest package of all and can fulfills the basic calling and messaging needs of the users.


Line Rent Rs. 0 / Month Rs. 99 / Month
Free Minutes (All-Net) 0 100
Call Rate (Any Network) Rs. 0.65 / 30 sec Rs. 0.65 / 30 sec
SMS Rate (Any Network) Rs. 1 Rs. 1


ProXcess is a package having free minutes, SMS and internet. So the user don’t have to worry about their bill while calling, texting and using internet.


Line Rent Rs. 299 / Month Rs. 499 / Month Rs. 699 / Month
Free Minutes (All-Net) 300 500 700
Free SMS 150 350 600
Free Internet 50 MB 100 MB 150 MB
Roll Over Free Minutes Yes
Call Rate (On-Net) Rs. 0.5 / 30 sec Rs. 0.5 / 30 sec Rs. 0.5 / 30 sec
Call Rate (Off-Net) Rs. 0.65 / 30sec Rs. 0.65 / 30sec Rs. 0.65 / 30sec
SMS Rate Rs. 0.75 Rs. 0.75 Rs. 0.75


SmartXcess is a package plan for the users who don’t only need the basic features, but also have to use internet and make calls excessively. This is the package with all the best features and facility of roll over minutes.


Line Rent Rs. 999 / Month Rs. 1499 / Month Rs. 2999 / Month
Free Minutes (All-Net) 1000 1500 3000
Free SMS 1000 1500 Unlimited
Free Internet 250 MB 500 MB Unlimited
Roll Over Free Minutes Yes Yes Yes
Call Rate (On-Net) Rs. 0.5 / 30 sec Rs. 0.5 / 30 sec Rs. 0.5 / 30 sec
Call Rate (Off-Net) Rs. 0.65 / 30sec Rs. 0.65 / 30sec Rs. 0.65 / 30sec
SMS Rate Rs. 0.75 Rs. 0.75 Rs. 0.75

Security Deposits:

Security Deposits are applied on all package plans and details of each is given.


Line Rent (Rs.) 0 99 299 499 699 999 1499 2999
Security Deposit NWD & IDD 300 750 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 5000
Security Deposit IR (Rs.) 15000

Please Read:

  • Government Taxes apply.
  • Line rent will be charged on non-proportional basis.
  • Default internet rate is Rs. 15/MB.
  • Fair usage policy will apply on free unlimited SMS & Internet on Rs. 2,999 line rent package that means you should use 500 SMS in a day and 4GB Internet in a month.
  • All calls will be disconnected after 59 minutes automatically.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.
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BizXcess Payment Methods

30 April 2013


BizXcess is a latest and best postpaid service offered by Zong. There are multiple payment options available to pay the BizXcess bill so that the user can use the services with a lot of ease.

Currently BizXcess has the following payment methods/options.

Payment Options:

  1. Scratch Card
  2. Mini-Load
  3. Cash
  4. Credit Card
  5. Direct Debit
  6. Customer Service Center and Franchise.

BizXcess is also providing e-Billing option which has all the features of regular billing. e-Billing is a Free service.

To subscribe e-Billing, write a new message “EBSUB” and send this SMS to 3100.

The user have also the facility to pay their bills via ATM and online banking. User can avail bill payment services through his bank account using:

  • ATM
  • Bank IVR
  • Bank Call Center
  • Internet Banking

There are no any geographical limitation which means that you can use the payment services anywhere.

To get information about your bank for this payment option, call 310.


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