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Warid GPRS (Internet) Roaming

20 July 2013


Warid has always been providing the best services for its customers. Along with voice and SMS services abroad, for the first time in Pakistan, Warid allows its customers to use Warid internet service while roaming in specific destinations.

Warid GPRS Roaming:

Country Operator Network Code GPRS Charges MMS Charging Interval Helpline
Saudi Arabia Etihad Etisalat 420-03 $0.002 $0.57 10 KB +96265828100
Saudi Arabia Al Jawal 420-01 $0.023 $6.96 10 KB +96614555555
Saudi Arabia Zain 420-04 $0.023 $6.96 10 KB (Not available)
U.A.E Du 424-03 $0.001 $0.21 1KB +971555555177
U.A.E Etisalat 424-02 $0.022 $6.54 30 KB +9714004101

GPRS Data connection can be disconnected at anytime to avoid over-billing by auto Sync.

How to Activate:

To activate Warid Prepaid GPRS Data Roaming,

Dial 321.

More Information:

  • There is no security deposit required.
  • Operators specific GPRS data usage charges will apply.
  • This service is only for prepaid customers.
  • All above charges are exclusive of tax.
  • The tariffs are charged in Pakistani Rupees when billed. The U.S. Dollar – Pakistani Rupee exchange rate applied for each calendar month will be the open market exchange rate on 23rd day of the previous month.
  • Above GPRS charges are shown in 1KB increments. Please see the Charging Interval column for operator specific charging interval.
  • For more information, call 321.
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Warid Ramadan Offer

14 July 2013


Warid presents a new discount offer of 2013 in the holy month of Ramadan. Now, you can enjoy special discount on Calls, SMS and Internet.


On using Rs. 10 + Tax, you can get 50% discount on calls, SMS and internet for any network during the same day.

How to Activate Warid Ramadan Offer:

To activate Warid Ramzan offer, create a new message

Write “R” and send to 3333.


Charges of sending SMS to 3333 are Rs. 5 + tax.

More Information:

  • There will be no any discount for FNF and already discounted calls.
  • After using Rs. 10 + tax, you can avail discount till 11:59PM of that day.
  • You will not get discount on using free balance by Warid.
  • This offer is only for Warid and Glow prepaid customers.
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Warid Glow SMS Packages

4 June 2013


Warid Glow provides a lot of best services and offers to meet the needs of the customers. Many of people want to communicate with one another through SMS. So, an SMS bundle package is very important for them. Warid also provides different SMS packages so that everyone can enjoy the SMS messages as he wishes. Currently, there are 4 different packages offered by Warid Glow.

Daily 1 Daily 2 Weekly 1 Weekly 2
Price Rs. 1.50 Rs. 2.99 Rs. 6.99 Rs. 7.99
SMS 500 400 700 1000
Activation SMS “Glow 500” to 7777 SMS “Glow 400” to 7777 SMS “Glow 700” to 7777 SMS “Glow 1000” to 7777
Validity 1 Day 1 Day 7 Days 7 Days


  • SMS Package “Daily 1” is only available in Super Dosti Package.
  • Charges of sending SMS to 7777 are Rs. 1.
  • All rates are exclusive of Govt. Tax.
  • Validity Expires at 12AM.
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Book Warid Number Online

2 June 2013


Warid is one of the best mobile phone networks in Pakistan. It provides all types of service that its customers need. Now, Warid provides a new service to allow the users to book their new Warid Sim number online. So, now you can book Warid number online. There are also Golden numbers available, some of them will be listed on the side. If you want to book your Warid Sim/number online, please follow the procedure given below.

How to Book Warid Number:

Step 1: Go to Warid number booking page, Click Here.

Step 2: Write the number of your choice or select one from the list on the side.

Step 3: If number is available, fill out the form with your personal details (like CNIC number and mobile number etc.) and then click “Submit” button.

Step 4:  On clicking “Submit” button, you will receive an SMS message / e-mail having verification code.

Step 5: Enter the code and click “Reserve” button.

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Warid Muft Hafta Offer

25 May 2013


Warid is one of the best mobile phone networks in Pakistan. Now, Warid comes with a new offer in which you can get a lot of free SMS and free Minutes. This offer is named as “Muft Hafta Offer“. In this offer you will get 1 week free in every month for 6 months. It means that you can make free calls and send free SMS during 6 weeks (1 week in each month).


By activating this offer, you will get

  1. 500 Free Minutes (On-net)
  2. 500 Free SMS (Any Network)

These 500 SMS & Minutes will be valid for 3 days.

Also you can get extra free minutes, the amount of which depends upon your usage. You will be given 25% of usage of the month on 25th of each month. These minutes will be valid for 30 days.

This offer can be availed after every 4 weeks.

Who Can Subscribe:

This offer is only for Warid and Glow prepaid customers:

  • Who activate their new SIM before June 15, 2013.
  • Who have not used their SIM since April 20, 2013.

How to Activate Muft Hafta Offer:

To get your 500 free minutes (Warid to Warid) and 500 free SMS (All Networks),

Dial 3733


Send SMS to 3733.

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Warid India and Bangladesh Offer

18 May 2013


Warid India & Bangladesh Offer for Karachi, Sukkur and Hyderabad

Warid comes with a new offer for the users of Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur. Customers of Warid living in these areas can enjoy discount on call rates to India and Bangladesh (both Landline and mobile phones).

Call Rate:

Call rate for India and Bangladesh for the users of these areas is only
7 paisas / second.

(There are no subscription or any other hidden charges.)

The offer is only available for the Warid / Glow Perpaid Customers living in following areas:

List of Areas
Karachi Karachi-Hub(Northern Bypass) Road Babar Loi
Badah Badin Bagerji
Bakhshapur Bakrani Bandhi
Berani Bhan Bhiria City
Bhit Shah Bhorila ChachroTaluka
Chak Chambar Dad lighari
Dadu Dadu to Kotri Road Dadu-Kashmore Road
Dadu-Moro Road Daharki Darbelo
Daro DaulatPur Daur
Digri Digri to Islamkot Road Diplo
Dokri Gambat Garhi Yasin
Ghauspur Ghotki Golarchi
Hala Halani Hala-Sanghar (Jhol) Road
Haruntharri Hingorja Hyderabad
Hyderabad to Badin Road Hyderabad-MirpurKhas Road Hyderabad-Nawabshah Road
Islamkot Jacobabad Jacobabad to Larkana Road
Jakhrao Jam Sahib Jarwar
Jati Jatoi JhalMagsi Sub-Division
Jhat pat Jhol to Hala Road Jhuddo
Johi Jungshahi Kadhan
Kambar Ali Khan Kandhkot Kandhra
Kandiaro Kandiyari Karampur
KarioGhanwar Kashmore Kazi Ahmad
Khairpur Khairpur Nathan Shah Khairpur-Rahim Yar Khan Road
KHI-HYD SuperHighway Road Khipro Khipro to Sanghar Road
Khorewah Khoski KotDiji
KotGhulam Muhammad (Jamesabad) Kotlalu Kotri
Kumb Kunri Lakhi
Larkana Madeji Matiari
Matli Matli to Digri Road Mehar
Mehrabpur Miro Khan MirpurBathoro
Mirpurkhas MirpurKhas to Sanghar Road MirpurKhas to Umerkot Road
MirpurMathelo MirpurKhas to Badin Road Mithiani
MohenjoDaro Moro Moro to Sanghar Road
Nabisar Nasarpur Nasirabad
Naudero Naukot NaushahroFeroze
NaushahroFeroze-Kandiaro Road Nawabshah NayaChor
NindoShahr pacca Chang Pacca Chang to Bhiria Road
Padidan Pangrio PanoAqil
Phul Phulji Pir Goth
Pirjo Goth Pithoro Qadirpur
Radhan Ranipur Rati
Ratodero Rohri Rustam
Sadiqabad to Kashmore Road Saeedabad Sakrand
Samaro Sanghar Sann
Sehwan Shahdadkot Shahdadpur
Shikarpur Shikarpur to Shahdadkot Road Sinjhoro
Sita Sobhodero Sujawal
Sujawal to Tando Muhammad Khan Road Sukkur Sukkur-Jacobabad Road
Talhar Tando Adam Tando Adam to TandoAllayar Road
TandoAlaYar TandoBago Tando Jam
TandojanMuhammad TandoMasti Khan TandoMitha Khan
Tando Muhammad Khan Tangwani ThanoBula Khan
Tharushah Thatta to Badin Road Therhi
Thul Ubauro UmerKot
Usta Mohammad Warah Yarolund (parolund)
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Warid Call Packages

8 May 2013

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Warid provides an option to choose one of call packages so that user can enjoy the services as he needs. There are three prepaid call packages that differ in call rates. You can see details of each package below.

Warid Call Packages:

Warid Zem 30 Seconds (Lowest Call Rate)
Friends n Family (On-Net) Rs. 0.49
Friends n Family (Off-Net) Rs. 0.75
On-Net (Warid to Warid) Rs. 0.85
Off-Net (Landline) Rs. 0.85
Off-Net (Other Mobile Networks) Rs. 0.85
Warid Zem 1 Second Package
Friends n Family Rs. 0.02
On-Net (Warid to Warid) Rs. 0.03
Off-Net (Landline) Rs. 0.04
Off-Net (Other Mobile Networks) Rs. 0.05
Warid Zem 60 Seconds Package
Friends n Family Rs. 0.79
On-Net (Warid to Warid) Rs. 1.30
Off-Net (Landline) Rs. 1.85
Off-Net (Other Mobile Networks) Rs. 2.35

Other Rates (for all packages):

SMS Rates
On-Net (Warid to Warid) Rs. 1
Off-Net (Other Mobile Networks) Rs. 1.5
International SMS Rs. 5
MMS Rate Rs. 3
Internet Rs. 1.2 / Unit
FnF Addition Rs. 9
FnF Removal Rs. 2

Note: All charges are exclusive of Tax.

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Warid Call & SMS Block Service

25 April 2013


Block Call / SMS / Number in Warid

May some numbers have been disturbing you by calls and SMS. Warid Always takes care of the customers. So, Warid provides the service to block the calls and SMS from an unwanted number. Now you can get rid of the calls and SMS that are causing disturbance to you. You can block all the numbers that you want. You will not receive any call or SMS from the number you have blocked. You can also get SMS notifications when the blocked number tries to call or send SMS to you. The procedure/method for blocking number in Warid is given.

How to Activate Call & SMS Block Service By Warid:

To register for number block service,

Dial 9211


Write “Sub” and send it to 9211.

Add Number to Block List:

Write “block<space><number>” and send it to 420.

Remove Number from Block List:

Write “unblock<space><number>” to 420.

Delete All Number from Block List:

Write “delete all” and send to 420.

Show the Block List:

Write “List” in SMS and send to 420.


Monthly Charges are Rs. 19 + tax.

Rs. 2 + tax / minute will be applicable on call to 9211.

Every SMS sent to 420 will charge Rs. 2 + tax.

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How to Convert Glow to Warid Zem

21 April 2013


Changing Package from Warid Glow to Simple Warid Zem

Like all the networks, Warid also provides the service to its customers to change their tariff plans. There are two main packages of Warid, one is Warid Zem and the other is Warid Glow. Glow package is new and has more features than Zem, but some people want to change their package from Warid Glow to Warid Zem. If you want to unsubscribe/deactivate Glow, then this page will help you. Below is the procedure to convert Warid Glow to Warid Zem.

How to Convert Glow to Zem:

To change your existing Glow package to Zem, follow the below simple steps.

  1. Dial 100.
  2. Select 2 for tariff info and changing.
  3. Again select 2 for changing the package.
  4. Select your desired package and follow the procedure.

You will receive confirmation message(s) when your package will be changed.


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Warid Free Unlimited Facebook Bundle Offer

20 April 2013


As the need of social things specially Facebook is increasing, so Warid presents unlimited Facebook Bundle totally Free. Warid prepaid customers can enjoy the Facebook free and can perform all activities like status update, view shared posts, share photos and videos and can write on the friends’ wall. They can also use Facebook Messenger.

How to Subscribe or Activate Warid Facebook Bundle:

Go to “Write New Message” option in your mobile phone,

Write “FB” and send it to 7777.


Prepaid: This offer is totally Free till 30th April, 2013.
Then you will be charged Rs. 4.99 / day.

Postpaid: Postpaid customers will be charged Rs. 150 / month.

All SMS Send to 7777 will be charged Rs. 1 + tax.


Validity of the Free Facebook Offer is 30th April, 2013. Then you will have to pay Rs. 4.99 daily.

Unsubscribe Warid Facebook Bundle:

To unsubscribe this offer, write a new message

Write “FB OFF” and send this SMS to 7777.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. You will be charged on opening external links to view articles, photos & videos.
  2. This Free Facebook Offer is only for the prepaid customers of Warid.
  3. From 1st May, 2013, charges will be applicable.
  4. This offer it not valid for BlackBerry subscribers.
  5. Don’t use any proxies or proxy browsers (for example Nokia Xpress), otherwise you may be charged.
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