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Ufone Block Service (U-Block)

10 April 2013


Ufone Call/SMS/Number Block Service

Often some numbers keep on disturbing us by calls and SMS. Now the Ufone provides its customers the service to block the incoming calls or SMS from unwanted number. So you can have control over the calls and SMS you receive. You can block all the numbers that disturb you. Just you will have to send the number to 420 which you want to block. By doing so, you will not receive any call or SMS from that number.

How to Subscribe/Activate Ufone Block Service:

To activate the U-Block service, create a new message.
Write: “sub” and send to 420.

(You will receive confirmation message and U-Block service will be activated).

How to Block a Number in Ufone:

When you have successfully activated U-Block service, You can block the number you want.

Go to Write a new message option in your mobile phone.
Write “block<space><Number>” and send it to 420.

(Example: “block 03334567890” to 420).

How to Unblock a Number in Ufone:

To unblock number, Write “unblock<space><number>” and send to 420.

(Example: “unblock 03335467890” to 420).

How to Check Ufone Blacklist:

To get the list of the numbers you have blocked,

Go to Write new message option of your mobile phone,
Write: “list” and send this to 420.

Ufone Block Service Charges:

Activation/Subscription Charges: Rs. 3.75 + tax / week.

Charges of SMS to 420: Every SMS you send to 420 will be charged Rs. 1 + tax.

How to Unsubscribe/Deactivate Ufone Block Service:

If you want to unsubscribe or deactivate Ufone number blocking serivce,

Go to Write a New Message,
Write “unsub” and send it to 420.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Both calls and SMS are blocked when you block a number.
  • Only 20 Ufone numbers & 20 numbers of other networks can be blocked.
  • To add more numbers, first unblock any number and then block other.
  • Ufone number blocking service will not be available during festive events such as EID, 14th August etc.
  • If you unsubscribe, your blacklist will be removed.
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How to Activate Sim in Pakistan – Sim Activation 2013

7 April 2013


PTA has changed the procedure to activate a new Sim in Pakistan. As the PTA says: “Using a SIM which is not registered in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime”. PTA always wants the most secure usage of Telecommunication. The Sim activation method 2013 is the most secure.

Procedure to Activate Sim:

To activate your new sim, follow the below steps:

  1. Buy a new Sim from any retailer or Customer Service Centre or Franchise Centre of the related Sim network.
  2. Give the seller your CNIC No. (ID Card Number).
  3. Put the Sim into your mobile phone.
  4. Now, make a free call to 789.
  5. The customer will be required CNIC Number and some other personal information like full name and mother’s name.
  6. Provide your truthful information as in NADRA records.
  7. Your information will be verified by helpline through NADRA database.
  8. If your information in verified, your Sim will be activated within 1 hour.
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How to Share Balance in Ufone – UShare Service

27 March 2013


How to Avail UShare Offer

Ufone is now offering the prepaid customers to share their account balance to another Ufone customer. This offer is very useful as it allows the customers to transfer their Sim account balance to another person who is using the Ufone network Sim. The procedure to share account balance in Ufone is very simple including only two steps as given below.


How to Share Balance in Ufone:

Step 1: Dial *828*<Recipient>*<Amount>#

(Example: *828*03334567890*50)

Step 2: Reply with ” 1” (when prompt message is displayed).


Details and Information:

Service Charges: Rs. 3.99 / transfer

Minimum Amount: Rs. 10.
Maximum Amount: Rs. 200.

If you want to share balance more than Rs. 200, then first you should share Rs. 200 and then the remaining amount.

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How to Get Advance or Loan in Ufone – UAdvance Service

27 March 2013

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Ufone is one of the most used mobile networks in Pakistan. Ufone provide customers all services they need. UAdvance is also one of these useful services. Sometimes, the account balance gets short in the hours of need. But now you should not worry about this. With UAdvance service you will be able to get an advance/loan balance of Rs. 30. This service can be used If you have balance less than Rs. 5.98. The procedure to get Ufone rescue balance is discussed below:

How to Get Ufone Advance Balance:

At the standby position of your phone,

Dial *456# and press call key.

(You will receive a confirmation message and you will get the advance balance).

During Call, if you have insufficient balance, press “1” to avail UAdvance Service.

Note: You should must have the balance of less than 5.98 Rs. The charges for this service are 4 + tax that will be deducted on recharge. The total charges will be Rs. 34.78.

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Book Ufone Number Online – Ufone Golden Number Booking

25 March 2013


Book Ufone Number

Ufone has always been offering its customers the best call, message and internet rates along with cheap offers. Now Ufone offers the customers to book their mobile phone number online.

Book Ufone Number Online

You can book Ufone numbers for your future use. You can also book Golden Numbers online. The Only you will need to provide your CNIC and an existing mobile phone number of you or any person that is in contact with you. Procedure to book your Ufone number is given below.

How to Book Ufone Number Online:

Step 1: Click Here to go to Ufone Official Website.
(Link will open in a new tab or window)

Step 2: Put the desired number in the given field without code and click “Search”.

Step 3: You will be shown that the number is available in which of the codes.

Step 4: Click on “BOOK THIS NUMBER” link.

Step 5: Type your existing mobile number and your CNIC in the given fields.

Step 6: Click on “Submit” button.

(Note: You have to purchase the number within 5 days otherwise the booking will be cancelled.)

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How to Unsubscribe UTunes – Ufone Dial Tunes Deactivation

19 January 2013


Many of the pople If you want to unscubscribe/deactivate Ufone Dail Tunes (UTunes) service because of daily charges or any other reason. Below is the Procedure to Unsub UTunes.

How to Deactivate UTunes:

Write a new message “UNSUB
and send it to 666.


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How to Change Package in Ufone

11 January 2013


Ufone provides a number of different packages so that the users of Ufone can enjoy the tariff as they desire. You can change your package according to your need. Ufone provides many packages. Follow the given procedure to change your Ufone package.

How to Change Ufone Package:

To change your package,

Dial 444 and follow the instructions.


Dial *444# and reply with your desired package number.


Charges: Charges are different for different packages.

(For more information, visit:

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How to Deactivate/Unsubscribe Ufone Uth Package

10 January 2013


Uth Package is the latest package provided by Ufone. It has many offers but there are also some disadvantages like daily charges and costly off-net call due to which some people dislike Uth package. To unsubscribe Uth package, follow the below procedure.

How to Deactivate Uth Package:

Dial 444 and then choose your desired package.

Your package will be changed and you will be charged Rs. 10 + tax.
(If you change package to “Ladys Package” you will be charged Rs. 20 + tax).

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How to Check Balance of UFone Sim

27 July 2012


This trick tells you how to check balance of a UFone sim, it is just a code that shows you the balance.



Dial *124# and press Call key.


The balance will be shown to you.

Enjoy using trick…

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How to Activate UFone 25 Paisa Per Ten(10) Second Package

29 February 2012


This contains the way to activate UFone 25 Paisa / 10 seconds package and now you can change your package easily.


Activation way:

Just dial *11# and press Call key


By this trick you can activate UFone ten second package.
Keep enjoying…

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