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Telenor Job Alert Service

13 May 2013


Most of the people are searching for the jobs and want to get automatic job alerts. Telenor offers a new service with which you can receive job alerts on your mobile phone. This service known as “Telenor Rozgar“. By subscribing (activating) this service you will get alerts about available job vacancies on your mobile phone through SMS.

How to Subscribe/Activate Telenor Job Alerts:

If you want to subscribe the job alert service,

Dial *345*7788#.

You will be asked some question like your area and field.
On replying to these questions, your profile will be set and you will start getting alerts.


Monthly Charges: Rs. 20 + tax / Month.

SMS Charges: Every SMS sent to 7788 will cost Rs. 0.5 + tax.

How to Edit Profile:

If you want to change your area or field of interest or to edit anything in your profile,

Write “EDIT” in SMS and send this message to 7788.

How to Turn Off Job Alerts:

If you want to turn off job alerts and do not want to receive alerts,

Write “OFF” in a new message and send it to 7788.

(If you want to turn on again, write “ON” and send to 7788).

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How to Check Number of Djuice Sim without Balance

27 April 2013


Check Djuice Sim Number

There is a problem when you want to check your number and do not have balance so that call to anyone can be made. If you want to check the number of a Djuice sim that you have, now you can do this without having any balance.

How to Check Djuice Sim Number:

This can only be done by sending a call back request to anyone having Djuice / Telenor sim.

Dial *345*8*1#

You will receive menu. Enter the number of any Djuice / Telenor Sim.

Call me back request will be sent to him. Now check his phone that where from the call back request was made.

That will be your number.


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How to Activate Sim in Pakistan – Sim Activation 2013

7 April 2013


PTA has changed the procedure to activate a new Sim in Pakistan. As the PTA says: “Using a SIM which is not registered in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime”. PTA always wants the most secure usage of Telecommunication. The Sim activation method 2013 is the most secure.

Procedure to Activate Sim:

To activate your new sim, follow the below steps:

  1. Buy a new Sim from any retailer or Customer Service Centre or Franchise Centre of the related Sim network.
  2. Give the seller your CNIC No. (ID Card Number).
  3. Put the Sim into your mobile phone.
  4. Now, make a free call to 789.
  5. The customer will be required CNIC Number and some other personal information like full name and mother’s name.
  6. Provide your truthful information as in NADRA records.
  7. Your information will be verified by helpline through NADRA database.
  8. If your information in verified, your Sim will be activated within 1 hour.
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Book Telenor Number – Telenor Sim Booking Online

5 April 2013


Book Telenor Number

The Telenor has always been providing best offers and packages for its users. Now, the Telenor presents Online Number Booking. Now you can search and book you number online with ease. The procedure/method to book number is given below.

How to Book Telenor Number Online:

Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Telenor’s official website, Click Here.
  2. Enter your required number and fill the security form.
  3. Then press “Check” button.
  4. If line: “No Number matched your criteria” appears below the “Check” button, it means that the number is not available.
  5. Otherwise, the list of numbers or a single number will appear.
  6. Select the number and then press “Book Number” button.
  7. On the next page, fill the form with your truthful information.
  8. Press “Submit” button.

Your number will be booked and you will be able to get the Sim from nearest Telenor Franchise or Service Center.

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Share Balance in Telenor – Smart Share

4 April 2013


Now the Telenor presents offer to share account balance called as “Smart Share“. The Telenor customers can now share their account balance with each other. A person using Telenor Prepaid Sim can transfer his balance to another person using Telenor Prepaid Sim. This offer is valid in both Telenor Talkshawk and Djuice. The balance transfer range is Rs. 15 – 200, i.e., you can share the balance between Rs. 15 and Rs. 200. Procedure / Method to share balance of Telenor Sim is given below.

How to Share Balance in Telenor:

To share balance using Telenor,

Dial *1*1*<Recipient Number>*<Amount>#
And reply with 1.

(Example: *1*1*923456667789*50# and then press 1).


  1. Charges: The service charges are Rs. 3.99 + tax that will be deducted from the amount which is being transferred. For Example, If you share Balance of Rs.100, the recipient will receive Rs.95.
  2. The transferred balance will not affect the validity of account balance of the recipient.

Note: If you have not activated Smart Share service, then first activate it by calling 345 or visiting Telenor Sales & Service Centre (Franchise).

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How to Check Remaining Internet (GPRS) in Telenor

2 April 2013


Some people activate internet bundles, but they don’t know that how much free source has been used. Usually Internet usage is expressed in MB (Mega Bytes). This trick tells you that how to check Internet (GPRS) usage of Telenor sim.


How to Check Remaining Internet (GPRS Usage):

To check Remaining Internet,

Just dial *999#

(You will be shown the Remaining Free Internet).


Charges: Charges for this service are 15 paisa + tax

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How to Check Telenor Remaining Free SMS or Minutes

1 August 2012


This trick tells you that how to check remaining free SMS and Minutes of Telenor sim.


How to Check Remaining Free SMS:

Just dial *111#

(The remaining free SMS will be shown).


How to Check Remaining Free Minutes:

Just Dial *222#

(The remaining free minutes will be shown).

Charges: Charges for this service are 15 paisa + tax.

Enjoy using trick..

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How to Convert Telenor Talkshawk to Djuice and Djuice to Talkshawk

9 July 2012


This is the trick having procedure to convert Telenor Talkshawk to Djuice and Djuice to Telenor Talkshawk (interconversion).
This will help you to change your package…

How to convert Talkshawk to Djuice and Djuice to Talkshawk


Procedure to convert:

Step 1: Go to Write New Message option of your mobile phone.

Step 2: Write “Migrate” and send this message to 345.
(Then you will receive a message)

Step 3: Reply the received message a your desired option.


Then you will receive confirmation message and your package will be changed according to your choice…


Use this trick and enjoy…

Give comment in box below if it is helpful for you…

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How to Check Balance of Telenor Sim

21 February 2012


This trick tells you how to check balance of a Telenor sim, it is just a code that shows you the balance.


Dial *444# and press Call key.


The balance will be shown to you.

Enjoy using trick…

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