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Mobilink Jazz New Sim Offer

12 December 2013


Mobilink Jazz is the most used mobile network in Pakistan. Now, Jazz comes with a new exciting offer on buying a new Sim or on converting to Mobilink. So, it’s a great welcome to the new customers from Mobilink Jazz.

On buying a new Sim, you can get the following with only Rs. 7.99 + Tax / Day.

  1. 100 On-net Minutes
  2. 100 SMS (Any Network)
  3. 100 MB Internet.

How to Activate Jazz New Sim Offer:

To get this offer,

Dial *777#

from your new Sim.


  • This offer is not valid for Jazba Sims.
  • You can subscribe more than once in a day.
  • This offer is valid for the customers who buy Sim or convert to Mobilink Jazz after November 1, 2013.
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Mobilink Jazz Sim Lagao Offer

5 September 2013


Mobilink is the most used mobile phone network in Pakistan. Mobilink has been providing all its customers with the best call rates, services and offers.

Now, the Mobilink presents a new offer for the inactive users. The customers who have not used their Mobilink Sim since 1st August, 2013 can enjoy Sim Lagao Offer in which they will get:

  • 1000 Minutes (On-Net)
  • 1000 SMS
  • 1000 MB Internet.

Moreover, on every recharge of Rs. 50 or Rs. 100 or above, the customers can get free 100 minutes, 100 SMS and 100 Internet MBs.

How to Activate Mobilink Jazz Sim Lagao Offer:

To activate Sim lagao offer,

Dial *550#.

Validity: The free minutes, SMS and internet MBs are valid for 3 days.

(To check the usage status, dial *550*2#).

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Mobilink Jazz Block Service

23 July 2013


Mobilink Jazz is the most used mobile phone network in Pakistan. Mobilink takes care of all its customers and fulfills their needs. Sometimes, customers receive some calls and SMS from an unwanted number that disturb them. The Mobilink Jazz provides a service for its customers to block all calls and SMS from the unwanted numbers. So, now you can get rid of the numbers that keep on disturbing you.

How to Activate Calls & SMS Block Service:

To activate Mobilink Jazz number block service,

Write “Act ics”  in a new SMS and send it to 420.

Or simply dial 420 and follow the instruction.

Service Charges:

Action Charges
Sending SMS to 420 Rs. 1.0 + Tax / SMS
Calling 420 Rs. 2.0 + Tax / Minute
Activation (Prepaid) Rs. 0.5 + Tax / Day
Activation (Postpaid) Rs. 14.99 + Tax / Month

How to Block a Number:

To add a number in black list,

Send “Add nb <number>” to 420.

How to Unblock a Number:

To remove a number from the black list,

Send “del<number>” to 420.

How to Deactivate Calls & SMS Block Service:

Write “Deact ics”  in message & send it to 420.

Or dial 420 and follow the instruction given to you.

More Information:

  • You can add maximum 20 number in a list.
  • To add number to white list, send “add wb <number>” to 420.
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Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages

9 June 2013


Every mobile phone network provides multiple SMS packages so that the user can avail them according to his choice. Mobilink Jazz also provides many SMS packages classified on basis of features and validity.

The details and activation procedure of every SMS package is given in the table below.

Mobilink SMS Packages:

Daily Unlimited SMS Package
Price Rs. 3.99
SMS 1200
Validity 1 Day
Activation Dial *101*1*01#
Deactivation Dial *101*4*01#
Package All Prepaid Packages
SMS Plus (for Jazz)
Price Rs. 1.99
SMS 150
Validity 1 Day
Activation Dial *106*1#
Deactivation Dial *106*4#
Package All Jazz Packages
SMS Plus (for Jazba)
Price Rs. 1.50
SMS 300
Validity 1 Day
Activation Dial *106*1#
Deactivation Dial *106*4#
Package All Jazba Packages
Weekly SMS Package
Price Rs. 8.99
SMS 2000
Validity 7 Days
Activation Dial *101*1*07#
Deactivation Dial *101*4*07#
Package All Prepaid Packages except Jazz 24 Ghanta
Monthly SMS Package (for Jazz)
Price Rs. 80
SMS 8000
Validity 30 Days
Activation Dial *101*1*02#
Deactivation Dial *101*4*02#
Package All Jazz Packages except 24 Ghanta Package
Monthly SMS Package (for Jazba)
Price Rs. 50
SMS 8000
Validity 30 Days
Activation Dial *101*1*02#
Deactivation Dial *101*4*02#
Package All Jazba Packages

Please Read:

  • All rates are exclusive of Tax.
  • All SMS packages can be activated multiple times except SMS Plus.
  • Different SMS packages can also be activated at the same time.
  • There are not any charges for deactivation for any SMS package.
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Mobilink Jazz Advance Balance

1 June 2013


Sometimes, you need to connect to your loved ones but your balance runs out and you cannot talk to them. In such cases, the Mobilink Jazz provides a service with which the customer can get advance / loan balance whenever he needs.

How to Get Advance in Mobilink Jazz:

To get advance (loan) balance,

Dial *112#


Call 123 and press 5.


This service is available in all Jazz packages.

Advance Balance: Rs. 10.

(To get advance, balance should be less than Rs. 3.5)

Service Charges: Rs. 2.25 + tax.

This service can be used only 1 time unless you recharge your account balance. It means that you can’t get advance balance if you have already taken it.

Or recharge (more than Rs.12.69), advance balance (Rs. 10) and service charges (Rs. 2.25 + tax) will be deducted.

Unsub: If you want to unsubscribe this service, dial *112*4#.

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Mobilink Jazz Job Alerts

6 May 2013


The job finder has to spend all his time in searching for a good job to have a better future. Now, the Mobilink Jazz provides a new service/offer, with which user can easily find job for him. Now you can get notifications/alerts about the available vacancies and jobs on your mobile phone via SMS. Information about international jobs are also provided to you.

How to Subscribe/Activate Mobilink Job Alerts:

If you want to activate job alerts service,

Write “Sub” in SMS and send it to 5622.


SMS Charges: Rs. 2 + tax / SMS

Subscription Charges:

Prepaid: Rs. 1 + tax / Day.

Postpaid: Rs. 30 + tax / Month.

How to Unsubscribe Job Alerts Service:

If you want to unsub job alerts service,

Write “Unsub” in SMS and send this SMS to 5622.

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How to Activate Sim in Pakistan – Sim Activation 2013

7 April 2013


PTA has changed the procedure to activate a new Sim in Pakistan. As the PTA says: “Using a SIM which is not registered in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime”. PTA always wants the most secure usage of Telecommunication. The Sim activation method 2013 is the most secure.

Procedure to Activate Sim:

To activate your new sim, follow the below steps:

  1. Buy a new Sim from any retailer or Customer Service Centre or Franchise Centre of the related Sim network.
  2. Give the seller your CNIC No. (ID Card Number).
  3. Put the Sim into your mobile phone.
  4. Now, make a free call to 789.
  5. The customer will be required CNIC Number and some other personal information like full name and mother’s name.
  6. Provide your truthful information as in NADRA records.
  7. Your information will be verified by helpline through NADRA database.
  8. If your information in verified, your Sim will be activated within 1 hour.
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Mobilink Jazz Saudi Arabia and UAE Offer

6 April 2013


IDD Saudi Arabia & U.A.E.

Mobilink, the largest telecommunication network in Pakistan, always provides its customers with the best rates and offers. Now, the Mobilink presents the best offer for international calls. Now you can call to Saudi Arabia and UAE with lowest call rates with this IDD offer. This offer is valid in all Mobilink Jazz and Jazba packages. You can call to your friends and family that are living in Saudi Arabia and UAE at the best rates of:

Rs. 1.99 + tax / 15 seconds

Daily Charges: Rs. 0.99+tax

How to Activate Mobilink Saudi Arabia & UAE Offer:

To subscribe Saudi Arabia and U.A.E offer,

Dial *452#.

(You will receive confirmation messages and offer will be activated.)

How to Unsubscribe Saudi Arabia & UAE Offer:

To deactivate the offer,

Dail *452*4#.

Please Note:

  1. Offer is valid till 30th April 2013.
  2. If the customer doesn’t have enough balance at the time of re-subscription (after 24 hours), his subscription will be suspended for a grace period of 30 days, after which the customer will be automatically unsubscribed.
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How to Unsubscribe/Deactivate Jazz MobiTunes

3 April 2013


How to Unsub Mobilink Jazz Dial Tunes

Although, the “MobiTunes” offer presented by the Mobilink Jazz is useful but some people want to deactivate it because of daily or monthly charges or any other reason. The procedure/method to unsubscribe Mobilink Jazz Dial Tunes service is given below.

How to Unsubscribe Mobilink MobiTunes:

To unsubscribe or deactivate Mobilink Jazz Dial Tunes (Mobi Tunes),

Write a New Message “UNSUB” and send it to 230.

(You may receive confirmation message and your Mobitunes service will be deactivated).


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How to Change Package in Jazz

5 January 2013

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Like other mobile networks, Mobilink Jazz also provides different packages (having different call and SMS rates) to meet the needs of a large number of customers. These packages can be changed with each other according to the instructions given by customer. There are seven packages as:

  1. Jazz Budget
  2. Jazz One
  3. Jazz 24 Ghanta
  4. Jazz Easy
  5. Such Jazba
  6. Jazba LNO
  7. Jazba Starter

Below is the procedure to change Mobilink Jazz package:

How to Change Mobilink Jazz Package:


Package Activation
Change Package to Jazz Budget Dial *301#
Change Package to Jazz One Dial *302#
Change Package to Jazz 24 Ghanta Dial *304#
Change Package to Jazz Easy Dial *305#
Change Package to Such Jazba Dial *204#
Change Package to Jazba LNO Dial *205#
Change Package to Jazba Starter Dial *200#


Or call 123 and follow the instructions.

If you are changing your package for first time, then it is free otherwise you will be charged Rs. 15 + tax.

Change your package and enjoy…!

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