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How to Check Nokia Bluetooth Address

11 April 2013


Every phone having Bluetooth has its own address for identification. This address is called “Bluetooth Mac Address“. This page contains the information and method to find the Bluetooth address of your Nokia mobile phone.

How to Check Bluetooth Mac Address:

On the standby position of your mobile phone,

Dial *#2820#

You will be shown your Bluetooth Mac Address immediately.

(Note: This trick may not work in the mobile phones other than Nokia).

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How to Check Mobile is Nokia or Copy (China) – Best Trick

2 February 2012


Now don’t be confused to see a mobile that it is original nokia company mobile phone or its copy made by china mobile company…
Here is the full trick.


Step 1: Unlock keypad if it is locked.

Step 2: Dial *#0000# (don’t press call key)


If Model, Version and some other Information is displayed on screen automatically, then it means that mobile phone is made by nokia company otherwise it is a copy.

Use this trick and enjoy…;-)

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How to Format Nokia Symbian Mobile without Security Code

1 February 2012


This is best trick to format nokia symbian mobile phone like Nokia 6600, 6630, 6680, 7610, n70, n72, n73, n81, n95, n96, n97, n8, n9 etc. without security lock code.

Here is the trick.


Step 1: Turn the mobile phone OFF (If it is turned ON)

Step 2: Press and hold “3”, “*” and Call key.

Step 3: Turn the mobile phone ON (Holding the keys).

Step 4: Hold on the keys for 5-10 seconds.

Leave the keys and your mobile phone will have formatted.

(Precaution: Your mobile’s battery should be nearly full otherwise if battery is low then there may exist any damage)


Use ┬átrick and Enjoy…

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How to lock bluetooth of nokia mobile

24 January 2012


This is best nokia mobile trick that will lock bluetooth of nokia mobile temporarily with a secret code.

Here is the trick.


Step 1: Turn the bluetooth ON (If it is turned OFF)

Step 2: Dial *#9990#


Nothing can be recieved or sent as well as device cannot be paired now.
Your work is done.

(To unlock bluetooth you need to Restart the phone.)

Keep enjoying…

(This trick is not applicable for some symbian phones).


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