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How to Post WordPress Posts to Facebook Automatically

24 April 2013


Auto Posting From WordPress to Facebook Most of the people do not want to spend their time on posting links from their WordPress blog to their Facebook profile or page. The WordPress solves this problem. If you want that your WordPress blog posts should automatically be published on your Facebook profile or page, this page […]

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How to Hide Friend List on Facebook

19 April 2013


Hide Friends in New Timeline 2013 As the most of the Facebook users want to hide their information and other things in their profile, the users has to set the privacy setting. In the Privacy setting, there is no any option to hide friends list. As the theme of the Facebook Timeline has changed, some […]

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How to Trace Facebook Friend or User

7 July 2012


This post contains a trick that tells you how to trace a Facebook user or friend on chat. By using this trick you can trace IP, Country, Location, OS and browser etc. Below is the procedure to trace a person using FB.   How to Trace Facebook User or Friend Procedure to Trace FB Friend […]

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